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@@ fighting among drew peterson is attorneys now has a convicted murderer asking for a new trial and the reason is a lousy legal counsel. our top story seen around the world tonight. dan ponce is sorting out the legal
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team's latest trauma. >> we saw the drew peterson store was winding down another bizarre twist he now has two new defense attorneys today they filed a motion asking for a new trial claiming joe brodsky was unprepared and incompetent. the motion for a new trial filed today at will county is based on ineffective assistance of drew peterson said defense attorney joe brodsky it claims he repeatedly lied to drew peterson and encouraged peterson to see as much publicity as possible.
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everyone deserves an experience. joe brodsky made several key mistakes during the trial especially his decision to call kathleen savio attorney terry smith to the witness stand motions claim that peterson never suggested or authorize that suggestion. the motion also cites the fighting within petersons defense team mainly between shoal brodsky and steve greenberg that is in a letter dated september 24th. if you truly cared about the client you would step aside and allow capable council to make a sufficient record so that the issues were preserved and if
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necessary be reviewed by a higher court but others and i are not confident you will do so as this case has never been about drew peterson it's always been about shoal brodsky... he continues. did that fighting between those two attorneys lead to an unfair results? we believe so yes. and to clarify the letter from drew peterson said former attorney steve greenberg i spoke with joe brodsky for about 10 minutes tonight and he tells me drew peterson specifically instructed these new attorneys not to get involved in this case, he said since september 30th if he has met with peterson three times
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and has had eight conversations with him over the phone the more recent being this afternoon, all of these conversations were about peterson's appeal and says if he was such an ineffective attorney why would peterson continue to have him work on the appeal. he isn't sure how or why peterson has decided to seek new council. a father and a retired chicago police officer makes a tragic mistake, shooting and killing his own son. from chicago police are telling us this does sound like a tragic case of mistaken identity the father who is a retired chicago police detective shot his own son as the sun was walking through the door of his apartment. police on the scene just after midnight on tuesday on covering the tragic truth behind the shooting involving
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retired cp detective jim griffin inside of his northwest side apartment after he had shot his 48 year-old son michael once in the head and killed him. i guess he was startled out of his sleep. >> neighbors on this quiet street a kind of warm hearted gentleman. very nice man, i've met him a couple of times, quiet and kind he was living with his father temporarily and had stepped out of the apartment late last night the shooting happened when michael was apparently coming back inside. i know predators' can common. on the first floor of an apartment is where they usually try to break in. no one has never broken in the first floor window.
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>> we are told after it in jim griffin found out the person he shot was his son he started to have chest pains and that's when he was brought to the hospital where he remains tonight there are still no charges filed in this case. there is a new tax possibly targeting gun owners, cook county is calling it the violence tax. there is more behind it than just an effort to cut down on violence. the details are few but one thing is for sure, money is behind this one not just the idea of curbing violence on the street. tony preckwinkle says when it comes to plugging that whole nothing can be ruled out. as the count to works to balance our 2013 budgets everything is on the table, everything except property and sales tax increases as the cook county board
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president tony preckwinkle has a tough job so now she is taxing gun owners firearms and ammo to close the budget gap. cook county suffers from systemic violence. the wide availability of ammunition exacerbates the problem. >> the gang bangers can just as easily as they go across state lines to buy firearms they can go across state lines to buy ammunition this will only hurt the law-abiding gun owners for the state is not going to change anything. >> he says such legislation is only going to put his shop and others out of business when customers usually travel to other counties for their firearms.
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>> they think that's going to solve the problem. >> tony pérez a gun rights supporter is tired of paying up when it comes to county, state and federal deficits. the middle class is doing it all the time to bail everybody out. recent statistics show that one-third of all guns found on chicago streets were bought in the suburbs this while the homicide rate is up 25% from this time last year. more than 9000 inmates feel an already overcrowded cook county jail at a cost of $143 each per day. why would they want to pay more than they already pay?. the cook county board president will unveil some hard figures at the budget address next week. the
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reason behind a stabbing on southwest side pizza place police accuse the 19 year-old of stabbing a woman with a box cutter november 30th they say the victims with a man who complained to a manager after he took his salad plate away without asking he threatened the man pulled out the box cover in stabbed a woman a woman was treated and released at a local hospital. union reps in school district officials worked late last night trying to hammer out a new labor contract both sides say there are labor contracts but they're still far apart on pay. the president of the chicago labor federation i should say jerry sandusky learned his fate, the former penn state coach is a still denying the accusations despite a harsh statement. sentence. temperatures
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take a double digit depp.
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fifth fastjerry sandusky convicted to life in prison today. >> he arrived at the courthouse clutching a folder in smiling briefly and he faces up to 400 years in prison he continues to proclaim his innocence in court speaking for 13 minutes he insisted he did not do these disgusting acts, the police prosecutor col sandusky's speech ridiculous. >> his statement today was a masterpiece of banal self delusion completely untether from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. victim no. 6 soft telling
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sandusky it's time for you to admit your sense victim number four said you were supposed to be my role model and instead use court of my life. sandusky has been sentenced to a minimum of 30 years and a maximum of 60 years in prison, defense attorneys probably announced plans to appeal insisting they were not given enough time to prepare their case. >> what happens to cases like this where someone decides that someone is guilty and we may as well just get it over with about what happened to the process the concept of due process. >> mitt romney squawking about big bird, ever since he said he would cut funding for pbs
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president barack obama has been making it a punch line and now it's in his latest attack ad. >> big yellow, a menace to our economy, you have to worry about not wall street but sesame street. >> he said the president should talk more about saving jobs than saving sesame street. >> these are tough times with real serious issues but you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving big bird. >> governor romney once wall street to run wild again but he is going to bring down the hammer on sesame street. obama campaign officials say they are reviewing the request to take down the ad. chicago board of elections are staying open
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until 12 to handle the last minute crowd registration is on the ground floor. if you plan to register by mail it needs to be postmarked after that there is a grace period from october 10th until november 3rd it's one of the most hotly contested congressional races in the country tonight from the eighth district of illinois they swear off high lights coming up also video finally goes on line in illinois and how your smart phone my might be hazardous to your childre [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car and your good driving can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot?
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it's the governor verse is the mayor there battling over a little known job that controls the u.s. cellular field and at issue is who should run the tax payer run agency that runs the ball park. we shook up that agency when we revealed that taxpayers were not getting much a return on their investment. the illinois sports facilities authority was formed 24 years ago by then gov. jim thompson to oversee building the new park that would keep the white sox and owner jerry from moving to florida our investigation showed him pretty much having the upper hand on thompson at the authority and taxpayer money ever since. basically, tax payers put in most of the bills for anything including recently
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the new book party in the park restaurant at the ballpark they didn't like what they saw here they were moved thompson and everybody else. i wish the mayor would stop doing this. quinn is angry accusing city hall of leaking information about his choice to replace gov. thompson. in directly he pointed to our investigation as he questioned whether she is the best qualified to watch out for taxpayers. there were a lot of questions raised about an agreement and management in the past. i think we need to raise
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the quality of who is very and financial stewardship. a new state pension law that is now being challenged some union leaders are going to court tonight a series of stories exposed in january gov quinn signed into law a provision that made it clear that city workers on leaves of absences could not get to pensions. no double dipping, now the chicago teachers union say that is not fair their current leaders have yet to retire. they believed they would get pensions so they have gone to court. video poker
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is now a reality in illinois after three years of negotiating the state now allows the glass to video gambling. 70 establishments across the state are hooked up and ready to go. it's a race that could go to congress the debate between tamiwith tami duckworth up next.
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in tonight's medical watch
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distraction is both dangerous and deadly we have watched the number of fatalities rise on the road from distracted divers but now children are getting hurt because their parents are clutching their smart phones buried in the data, this data suggests a troubling trend in technology. it's a beautiful autumn day in the park but instead of enjoying the clear blue skies some parents and caregivers prefer the scenery at their fingertips. we are looking down into a knot up it might be a better idea to have a short conversation. with so much information to devour its hard to take your eyes off of the action on hand take a look at these numbers into just may stopped tapping away according to data from the centers for disease control there has been
9:26 pm
an upswing of non fatal injuries to children younger than 5 by 12 percent since 2007 it comes after decades after declining injury rates mostly due to child proofing a tactics into safer baby equipment. in 2007 9 million people owned the seven devices and today that number has surpassed 116 million. when we asked doctors from three major chicago medical centers to weigh an all admitted that distraction is a growing danger especially in the age of the smart phone. someone tried to reach in their purse and everybody went down the stairs while she was carrying her baby.
9:27 pm
these things happen and we are seeing more of these kinds of incidents. the mom or dad who was involved say i feel so horrible i was just texting. imam in florida express stir anger on twitter after her son drowned the wall street journal reports after calling the two year-old outside to see a tortoise and the archie up loaded a photo to twitter at 517 and after four more tweets at 523 she called 911 for son was at the bottom of the pool, it's difficult to step away from the daily dance that many of us choreograph walking working driving and even swinging and sliding but some parents say it's gotten out of control and their solution
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>> i tried to ignore it and not address it at all. office >> if you live with children just be in the moment with your child. the rain moving in as we saw tom skilling says when it and say could feel more like mid november, the forecast next. i love
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aren't they? new activia breakfast blend. it got really windy today at some point. we had wind gusts of 46 mi. per hour today. a big storm coming in this weekend with some warmer temperatures and a lot of wind to. courtesy
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of eric and it steve pflug has the foxcovered it there.steve has the fox river covered up there. today we had the wind's blowing off shore and you can see them clearly on the lake and also the crowds that were gathering we had sean lewis out there with the umbrella, 8.8 degrees cooler. that is the range this month this has been the 23rd coolest october on record now in chicago 8.8 degrees cooler than the same time one year ago when the average temperature was 61. what a difference one year makes. we
9:33 pm
have had just over half the normal autumn rain fall. we will warmup as this big storm could bring severe weather to parts of the midwest over the weekend. here are the wind gusts and it has been windy today. northbrook crystal lake and buffalo grove were not far behind. the highs today say to 50 at minneapolis in 41 at international falls. tomorrow is just cool. a nice
9:34 pm
warm day but we have had about a quarter inch of rain in some locations. 50 degrees at griffith whiff of the clouds gathering evidence on multiple cameras today. 93 percent humidity with frosted visor is up here in southern ohio and the
9:35 pm
central appalachians. here is a good look at where the rain is. if we give you the three- dimensional ankle you conceive of vertical build on these heavier showers producing clouds right now. showing how the rain by 1010 tonight will be still over us. the rain gauges around the area. we will get another one-third of an inch on top of what we have already had on this point. a beautiful day tomorrow, the second cool push coming in on friday. we have a seven day
9:36 pm
total over 1 in.. when we come back on the update we will give you a snapshot of the weekend storm as it's coming to us on our models now. cloudy tonight 4-5 hours of steady rainfall than showers will end. load tonight, 38. tomorrow a beautiful day, mostly sunny and noticeably cooler a november level 50 for a high. we might have gotten 20s. partly sunny
9:37 pm
and briefly milder for a day. one more call shot before the weekend '70s. candidates in the eighth congressional district race to battle it out we will have highlights next. and the scent of a city trapped in a bottle, and you send that celebrates chicago.
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too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. getting uglier as we get closer to election day in illinois highly contested asik district. squaring off against tami duckworth we're joined by town- and with how it went. it went well and it was a little loud. the stakes are very high not a lot of love lost between these two candidates in state proved it again tonight. ms. duckworth it amazes me that you continue to say that elections don't matter if i heard you right maybe we can save ourselves a lot of time and trouble on november 6th. >> he's voted against the
9:41 pm
district time and again. they debated more than other local congressional contenders, tami duggars, freshman congressman and a tea party darling joe walsh a couple of candidates who couldn't be much different i think the congressman does what he always does which is try to distract the discussion from the real issues at hand tami duckworth will not say a thing that david axelrod and her advisers will not let her say. the fireworks started outside with their supporters to hours before the debates. these decisions for me were the right decisions. they've been here before this time it's a public affair a packed house of over
9:42 pm
1000 it's loud and lively and all about deficits in health- care and partisanship if there's a problem and washington, you are the status quo congressman you've done nothing about it other than yell at people. two things you can say about this race, it's important and it's close there are some serious super pak to money both parties consider this district absolutely crucial in these debates. the chorus against walsh will debate again in nine days. still ahead capturing the center of chicago. and the balls show some positive signs in their preseason opener. this is
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chicago is now home to the greenest street in america. it was unveiled today with some cutting edge is sustainable design including a solar and wind generator in the water
9:46 pm
reclamation feature that channels storm water to permeable pavers. also it slows the flow of water into the sewers. it eats a smog before it can be observed inabsorb into the atmosphere. it will truly improve this urban ecosystem and promote economic growth and increase the safety and usability of streets for all users. >> the project cost $14 million to build and city officials say it was actually 21 percent cheaper than other sri related projects. projects. >> it's raining out there i mentioned at 5:00 fresh rain
9:47 pm
falling smell which we have outside tonight we are noticing it in the studio and it's coming down in some areas you could hear it on the umbrellas of our supporters awhile ago and you see these things are pretty well stacked. low pressure comes in. another high pressure comes in and cool things off and it's at that point you start seeing storm development out in the planes that will be a pretty vigorous system over the weekend. rockford is going and only to the low 50s tomorrow. southerly winds are pumping as back up to 60 after that look at the lows by friday morning, it starts school. the weekend system is that little twist off
9:48 pm
of the west coast. that system is lifting to the northeast and here is a look at the high pressure on friday. a big storm over the iowa minnesota border, southerly winds topped off moisture the jet stream roaring overhead all of the ingredients for a gusty start producing weekend. windy and warmer on saturday. we warm back to 70 at the end of the forecast. >> tom talked about the smell of the rain in chicago but one
9:49 pm
company true fragrance is parting with other local organizations like the chicago botanic garden into their growing flowers all across to capture all of the aromas as perfume called a true blum's chicago. this is a very useful energetic, you feel this fragrance when you put it on. it is headquartered in willowbrook. coming up, are getting ready. this weekend they get some time off to rest and recover. and the fighting irish getting ready for their big game against stanford.
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time to heal the wounds. jeffrey is not good but he is expected
9:53 pm
back after midseason, earl bennett will keep his place. at practice today he wouldn't even take his broken hand out of his pocket this afternoon they didn't do much of anything. a heavier look tomorrow then a few days off. it's always welcome no matter when it comes. we have to take this time if we say take time off and talking about looking forward to high school and college games this week. we are excited about this weekend.
9:54 pm
tonight jake color into brian or lacquer share this stage at a nike sponsored event. 17 takeaways and five defensive touchdowns in the last three and r lacquer of course says that's not enough. >> the big plays are really what set us apart. we want the takeaways. we work on it every day in practice. they have earned their national ranking
9:55 pm
now no. 7 in the country not that it means anything right now, the first pole is coming sunday but the irish are less worried about that than they are about stanford. it's not brought up at all. we don't talk from that level of 30,000 ft. because it doesn't do us any good bugs that we can focus on is what we can control on a day- to-day basis. when i do press conferences or talk to the media sometimes i like our team know i will talk. it's about today and what we do today the bulls open the preseason with a 17 man roster some of those were not here last year. part of a 14-0
9:56 pm
bulls run to start the first quarter. dusty and the reds out to sweep the giants oakland trying to stay alive against the tigers tonight leading 2-1 in the six. sixth. 1 for 21 in the fourth quarter. that is the news for this tuesday night. don't
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